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Data Analytics Versus Business Intelligence is making decision


    Business Intelligence is so smart as data goes on … just as someone who uses data.
    As large and small firms take arsenal of weapons of massive data, what is missing out on process translation – and different – among collecting business intelligence and using data analysis to make real business decisions that impact.

    If you designed a “BI” solution with the biggest problem with software alone, let me save you thousands of dollars to send your organization into a bunny hole as a business intelligence.

    Before you find out which analytics software you need, or the data you are interested in, you should be aware of the problem you are about to delete.

    Data Analytics And Business Intellectual Not Rich

    If you are wondering what the difference between data analysis and business intelligence is, you can not be alone.This term is used together, with a general intelligence business term that includes analysis, but is different.

    The main difference between intelligence business and data analysis is analytics that address predictions and trends in the future, while BI helps people make informed decisions.You will not get the right answer without asking the right questions.

    No one can speak to her.

    Unfortunately, with the enhancement of software that generates business intelligence and automation, the new norm implies that this tool will create or eliminate your business.

    Where companies are quick to use new technologies that are fast across all of these organizations without the need to explain how to use the device to solve the problem.

    That is why: We generate 2.5 bytes of data every day everyday, and this level only keeps going fast. Indeed, we produce 90% of the data in the world for two years ago.

    The resulting data volume means that large organizations that take the first step towards improving BI need to know more about the problem and to learn how BI will solve this problem.It is a process – or deficiencies – that builds or offsets data analysis and business intelligence tools.

    Is Analytics Data Not Enough

    You can not make smart decisions without proper information to act. The right tools will help you visualize the data in meaningful ways, and then spread the information to the right person at the right time – this is the whole intelligence business.

    To make the best of your data analysis and business intelligence software into your organization, you have to solve the obvious problem that BI can solve.

    Intelligent organizations focus on a business intelligence scale that misrepresents one problem at the same time. More efficiently to find institutions, C-suite and IT is a problem that has a meaningful effect if it is resolved.

    You need Street Map

    Whether you are from anyway, go from a spreadsheet or find out how your organization uses data, you need an action plan.

    Here’s how to conduct a business intelligence business:

    Determine what problem you want to take. Getting started with clear goals is smart, measurable, workable, real and fast. Find out what the stakeholders are doing. Proper planning prevents poor performance. What information should I do? How to use it? What data will you provide this information?

    Look up the data you need and how you will get it. One hundred percent of pure quality data is quite unrealistic, but you have to process data to make this work. Good data means good analytics.Determine how successful it is to be measured using KPIs. What measures can be managed.

    You have a fair way to measure the effectiveness and success of your launch. Set key performance indicators with the team so everyone can work together. Provides systems and processes that modify data into action. Automation reporting. Create systems and processes that automate the transmission of information to the right person at the same time

    All about self driving cars

      All about self driving cars

      Look at the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a autonomous drone. Not only is the autonomy drone, but it brings new foods and some good cooking.

      So, looking down the road on the highway, whether the locomotive is fast, no, it is a self-guided car that will become a base for an unmanned drone without a quick guide.

      I have already told you the approach tested by some companies that started a fast food fast-food business or home business.

      This idea is the food of a restaurant that provides the fare, then put it into an autonomous weapon, a fast flying drone to the autonomy of a car away from home or business, landed in autonomous car, and autonomous car then completed shipping with drive to your door.

      Now, Uber earns the announcement for a preliminary trial in San Diego, California, taking steps for the baby to the fullest of these approaches, and this summer will expand their efforts with an early partner, McDonald’s restaurant. You can also say that Uber Eats and Uber Elevate go before us into space, with almost every other food delivery desired.

      From a conventional way of using your local food McDonalds and applying it to you, the purpose is to have an autonomic hearing to be a pick-up and to quickly get enough food close to you, leaving the last remote location for unmanned car to handle the shipment .

      According to preliminary observations

      Uber said that the use of the drone would be 21 minutes for all the baseline-based foundation that spans 1.5 miles to reverse to approximately 7 minutes, thereby shaving two-thirds of the time.

      Hopefully, you’ll be happier to get the food you gave to your early ear, plus the food that is now considered more decent in a good buffet and juices.

      Let’s unravel some of the key elements of this autonomous couple, namely the cooperation that is used and coordinated with autonomous aircraft with autonomous cars.

      Why Using High-Tech As Instant Delivery Instantly

      First of all, I’m sure some of you often use addiction technology technology in addition to technology without drivers without technology to lean over Mac to the door. Of all the important things that must be done on the planet and for us, can it be quicker to fast food as the basis for using the most advanced technology possible?

      Therefore, industrial delivery food would be estimated at $ 76 billion by 2022, I think you can say yes, yes, again, for making rich capital benefits to exploiting any technology that you can search or order to partake in of the massive shipping money it brings to spend.

      Of course, delivery of goods does not need to be fast food.

      You can use the same rules for delivering medicines to people who are in need, such as the Zipline company of similar venture in Rwanda. The burden may include blood that is very needed or may have a vaccine that is used to fight spreading diseases.

      Depending on the size of the drone used for delivery, the same way can be used to send packets and packages. There are many reports of experiments conducted by UPS, USPS, Amazon, and many other logistics and transportation companies over the future that have an overhead drone to get the item from point A to point B.

      Overall, I’m good at pursuing a flight and a search approach to delivery and then you can choose what kind of items to send.

      On the other hand, remit whatever you can at first, give you the opportunity to complete the technique and approach, the last when your imported kinks can be used for a variety of purposes. Fast food producers provide additional food, they will repay money as a delivery mechanism and will provide

      Facebook’s New Currency is the best

        Facebook's New Currency is the best

        In an effort called Facebook will change the way we convert money, which beat Libra called cryptocurrency called it “global global money dominated by technology blockchain” and will be launched in 2020.

        The goal is for Libra to be the first digital currency of the debut. This currency will be available to users of Messenger and WhatsApp around the world and will allow users to send money to “cheap at no cost,” writes a new whitewash from Facebook. This is different from the current payment system via Facebook Messenger because the consumer will change currency securely in real time and not processed through the banking system.

        Their design is for the currency

        substitute for money as well as debit and credit cards. They tell you want to make a more efficient payment system that works directly and directly from the application. Even though this looks like Venmo or PayPal, Libra is different in some ways.

        Libra is built on top of the original block and is supported by some reserve currency intended to reduce the selling price. According to Facebook, the idea for Libra is more widely used as a digital money than the traditional cryptocurrency model. With 1.7 billion people around the world outside of the financial system, the goal is to make transactions and offer faster deals.

        “Success means that people who work overseas have a quick and easy way to send money to their families back home, and college students can easily get the rent because.

        One of the largest Facebook accounts for Libra is the ability to use currency for migrants, non-bankers in the country, and those who have no access to travel funds to the country. Libra can help people save money safely and easily without the need for a bank.

        They also announced that they started a nonprofit base called Calibra 

        Switzerland who would control the currency. This will make Libra have the same functionality as financial institutions, such as bank account management, credit and credit administration, and connect to the Calibra ATM brand that will be converted into local.

        Facebooks informs, will not keep control of control, but will control control with organizations, such as venture capital firm, credit card company, and other technology giants. Facebook has supported projects from 27 organizations, including Uber, Uber, Visa, Spotify, Vodafone, Mastercard, and the World Bank Nonprofit Women.

        Each partner agrees to invest at least $ 10 million on the project.

        From operations like traditional distribution that includes data sets, Libra uses a single data structure that records all transactions and states over time. David Marcus, co-creator of Libra, notes that it will be three components: block blocks, currency-backed reserves (digital purses will be controlled in countries within each country) and new programming languages ​​are called Move.

        However, you will be able to buy money based on standard global currencies, such as US dollars, but, it is more stable and easy to exchange between countries. This means that the kingdom will step in with the rules around this new digital currency for a long time.

        Experts say that Facebook is not happy with transactions, but there are other ways to make the most out of the currency, even with promise not to sell ads according to the target in Libra. The largest ever coming from Facebook is well-known for privacy and scandals data and what will apply to Libra.

        How Social Media On Tomorrow’s in this world

          How Social Media On Tomorrow’s in this world

          Buzz throughout the various social media trends, devices and applications are in flux continuously, but one thing we can expect in 2020 and beyond: Our social media experience through smartphones and developing devices will grow deeper.


          Instead of experiencing social media content through devices that only view information, pictures or videos, you will end up with the content you use.

          While mobile networks are fast today, imagine users will share speed and latency. And for businesses that are aiming for dramatic changes triggered by the next gen network, opportunities for social media are bigger.

          Tyler Gates, who organizes immersive and interactive content studio Brightline Interactive, has made great experiences and simulations for 16 years. After working with some of the leading brands in the country, Gates has a new idea of ​​how a better network of networks and broadband networks will dominate play technology and drive what will happen.

          “At the start of the 5G technology is the one that allows,” said Gates. “You’ll enable mobile and head-display devices for everything like VR, AR and MR [reality, added reality and mix]. You’ll let us find social media content or information represented differently.”

          In evaluating today’s social media, Gates thinks that this content is as static and the experience is primarily through our mobile devices.

          “Now social media is usually happening on a two-dimensional screen,” said Gates. “Sometimes using the Instagram or Facebook story, there is a recognition or incorporation of video content, but in many cases, social media is written by a written word.”

          No Hands

          Game changer, according to Gates, will be the way the interface is controlled. Aside from computing history, the fastest way to change the interface is some supervisors: video game controller, keyboard, mouse keyboard or smartphone, for example.

          “Often the translation mechanism controls something that can be a visual experience,” explains Gates. “The difference now and now, like [Microsoft] HoloLens 2, you can just use your hands normally, so have to abolish the abstraction between you and the content you are experiencing.”

          High speed and low latency 5G can make this experience, because we are less restricted by broadband. Instead of experiencing social media content through devices that only view information, pictures or videos, you will end up with the content you use.

          “With complete data channels, we can find more data in more real forums and have more capacity and time,” says Gates. “Social media will increase.”

          Put On Interactive On

          The ability to create business by collaboration causes potential for engagement. But to win a great social media game, Gates advised the company to coordinate with cultural trends. “Now, people want to experience the contents of their personal capacity, they want to be wanted, and they want to run,” he said.

          Take the Game of Thrones, for example. According to Gates, HBO-like companies want to watch the show fast as fans who do not watch back often refuse to discuss the show at the most important time. “At the end of the week, the episode will take place,” Gates said.

          To say, he tells, just because the event is over, some of the experiences of the audience can extend beyond his life. And it’s a great deal for businesses’ to develop social media strategies: With interactive social content, products, services, or enterprise intellectual property can work in many ways.

          There is an AR bandwidth experience for the hit series, but in the future, fans can also follow real-time storylines, record experiences, along with friends or engage in someone else’s storyline.

          A Level Playing Field

          Imagine the possibilities for social media engagement when a company can integrate the interactive technology that appears in the message. Better, for organizations of all sizes, expensive equipment is not required.

          “At Brightline, we have a high-vision computer camera system, and even build some of our own devices,” says Gates. “But you can get film content

          Why The Future For Brick-and-Mortar are the best mobile network

            Why The Future For Brick-and-Mortar are the best mobile network

            The genes will change our way of stress-not just online and from smartphones, but also in stores. Better and shorter networks in the phone on this phone are very important in the evolution to continue.

            For retailers, the transition in a way that provides business is essential to continuing to evolve in this rapidly changing environment.

            Despite the innovative offer-from AI-based adaptation to virtual cabin rooms-never before in this industry, tomorrow’s technology can enhance its functionality and can shape all industries in customer experience and personality.

            Imagine trying your preferred jacket, walking too expensive and then getting the e-mail now 30% off. This is an example of how brick and mortar retailers can use customer data to provide customers according to individual actions and direct sales.

            Personal Spending to Be a Major Level

            Alice Fournier, e-commerce president and omnichannel lecturer for Kantar, explains that the ambition of imagination is significant for what data and connection can be performed in physical display space.

            “5G is about the ability to express new experiences related and processing data quickly,” he said. The reality? The system has not been checked yet.

            Now, retailers who can use sophisticated technology absorb real costs. And the extreme costs make the niche experience a very niche, added Fournier. But 5G provides the opportunity for technology to scale outside some specialized markets.

            By leveraging on mobile network technology that benefits, traders will be able to change their bids and make their customers experience in the impossible way.

            “Faithful buyers can enter the store and receive the desired bid under the previous money,” predict Fournier.

            He also pointed out that merchants will seek a short-range opportunity that can sell its customers by offering offers or suggestions to mobile devices, even if they are approaching the shelves.

            Customized Services, Lack of Satisfaction of Buyers

            “You may have a situation where sailing shop customers will play,” he said. “If I stand in front for a certain time, there may be some helpful staff to help me.”

            This can be several years ago, but because 5G can process data faster, it can allow hackers to calculate more intelligence. And finally, according to Fournier, this would interfere with the sales position and type of technology used on tapes to reduce the time spent online.

            For example, you can search directly through mobile payments or have items that will be applied to your account instantly, such as the Amazon Store store. “This technology is available, but sticky requires the ability to process these transactions faster, all faster with mobile faster,” he said.

            Hurdles That Lead Up To The Finist Lucistive Front

            For every retailer, especially those with brebi and branch location, the network gene will provide a great deal of effort to navigating: from managing potential costs to get acute acumen on technology, tools and new experiences. Fournier warns retailers to use this mindset: Next-gen technology can enable people to build their identity and reinforce their brand.

            “You do not want to use technology for technology,” he said. “It’s easy to get lost in the best of the best, but you want the solution that will give you the best possible experience and experience.”

            As brick and curve stores embraced a more digital strategy, big HR challenges are inevitable. According to Fournier, there may be shifts in the role of employees as stores become more automated, for example.

            “There are questions here in terms of sources and what they relate to,” he said. “However, it is important for all employees to know that technology is not a technology that takes people’s jobs, but it can change things everyday.”

            Despite worries that technology will change the human industry, optimistic workers. A survey recently reported that almost two-thirds (62%) respondents agreed that new technology would generate new job opportunities.

            If properly implemented, the smart digital strategy can add customer baseball. Additionally, it is hoped that modern mobile-enabled users will