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Securing Software and there dovlopment


Just what we need – another “framework” to handle software security.

We have got the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Standard Security Security), BSIMM (Building Security in Maturity Model), which is Open Web Project Security Software (OWASP Steps), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), SAFECode Forum Forum Guarantee for Excellence in Code-lists takes place.

They will come back. The framework of the paper, the current white paper concept, the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), is called the SSDF, as in, “Reducing Software Risk Loss by Adoption of Secure Software Development Framework (SDF).” Jesus went public on June 11 and the comment window was open in August. 5.

The framework proposes 19 practices, organized into 4 groups:

Following the practice, the paper said, “software should help producers reduce the amount of vulnerabilities in the software that is removed, reducing the potential impact of exploitation of unfriendly or unaddressed vulnerabilities, and address the causes of counterattack preventive maintenance in the future.” User software can reuse and customize the practice of the acquisition of the device soft. ”

Suggestions, not mandates

All right. The goal is faster. Who does not want to reduce the risk of software vulnerabilities? It’s just as sound as it breaks the framework to control the speed of the vehicle in general when there are dozens of laws in books for decades designed to do the same.

Until then, what is specific in the final version will be a backup rather than a task. NIST is a federal agency, under the Department of Commerce, but is not a regulatory body and therefore does not have the influence to enforce rules.

Maybe he will eliminate the emptiness.

The purpose of this skeleton is that it looks less about reusing the wheels and more about bringing different types of wheels together in one place so that the wheel’s need to decide what needs to be done.

Indeed, the practice of demonstrating the many frameworks listed above shows that this is the best practice tool.

As one of the co-authors, Murugiah Souppaya, of the computer security of Information Technology Laboratory (in NIST), puts it “an easy newspaper of communication on safe practices among groups in the business sector around the world by providing a common practice of a practice specific industry sectors already existed. ”

He added that the “general language” is meant to help them clarify their current practice. “This will allow them to apply their desired lines and identify improvements,” he said.

There is, of course, no framework that has changed the security of the software until now. There are daily reports of offenses that can be turned on with the weaknesses of sometimes-consuming software or controlled software.

So, even if this is the least, if the organization is not sure of investing time and money to do the referral, it is not possible to generate extra though, no matter what the transformation, add security software.

Take it long

Is it a chance to break that first? Not too short – in the Sammy Migues sense.Miguel, lead scientist at Synopsys and co-author of BSIMM, says this does not mean that the proposed framework has no potential value. “Yes, after that will help,” he said. “But who will follow her? Only the man who has been given the task, and only if he has been judged.”

And a small amount. Migrants say that NIST “does not make a fundamental principle or is it an arrangement of innovation for Cheers and awareness, so if there is an organization that has the power to keep people, it is trustworthy that it will follow,” he said.

The marketplace – both public and private – can move some leverage, say, that the entity puts a job to make a security framework like this part of an RFP (a proposal for a proposal). “Mere

This is the next Tech revolution

This is the next Tech revolution

Digital transformation is not new. However, conversations on the topic have changed. Furthermore, this topic has become a major topic in the boardroom, and it is still present. With billions of dollars investing in digital transformation initiatives, executives now explore investment investments and say, “What’s coming?”

An important feature of today’s digital investment is technology for efficiency and productivity. The company uses software, systems and other devices that will be automated and smart.

But with the added technology coming, different systems and siled teams.

Today, digital companies are building up chaos to determine how people and systems work together – how they can find digital investment in the back of the business.

Going forward to autonomous companies, where humans, manufacturers, brains, and manufacturers operate in harmony, so that companies can make great companies. The basis of each company, network, will add machine instructions to enable itself and process automatically. This is a step beyond the digital transformation and pay it.

As a company that sees this, let’s look at the three major features of the company in the event of a company’s autonomous company.

Autonomy Company Is Vision, Not Technology

Autonomous companies are not in the box. In fact, it is larger than a single technology or solution. Although software, infrastructure networks and other technologies are important for automating processes and work, the correct product or solution does not create a company’s economy.

The framework of autonomous companies is similar to their own automotive. Many cars now, like many organizations, contain automated technology.

Navigational controls, blind point technology and high-performance gaming cameras are automatic ranking levels, but they are not good at using their own. Each technology performs basic functions – speeds up or speeds, guiding the guide when the object appears in proximity to the sensor, and so on.

What makes autonomous cars is the software that is used to increase automation to various auto functions to operate itself. For example, software, software and learning machines (MLs) generate the autonomy of automobiles that apply to the road around.

Sensor control is delivered to the navigation and auto-control controls to instruct what needs to be done (set, fast, stop). It comes quickly based on real-time feedback. This car is connected like a nerve network, converting the car’s ability to cruise control basics to a system drive itself. It’s a critical difference between automation and autonomy.

As of today, many businesses have a harmonious, but not wise automation technology technology. People should automatically embed, software and ML into a reliable network of infrastructure to be autonomous. The future autonomous company will be independent of the AI ​​and compliant.

Building A Autonomous Company Is A Imperative Chief Executive

People may consider autonomous companies in the CTO, but the CTO can not be an autonomous business behavior firm. The autonomous company initiative does not look like your CRM move into the cloud. The goal is not to make IT better.

This is about all organizational organizations and systems that work differently for the benefit of customers. The CTO has seats on the table, but it is a larger table.

Before becoming an autonomous company, you need to know the foundation and core of your corporate identity. No one should know this better than the CEO.

Organizations must have a high level of commitment and a strong study of the experience they want to send to customers. For example, Amazon is a prime “most customer-managed company on earth.” Each strategy is re-presented to bring more facilities and value to customers.


Department of Commerce Attacks On FCC 5G in this era


NOAA Public Campaign / NASA reversed the FCC auction from the spectrum in the band 5G 24 Kg the last two years and $ 2 billion short. 24 The FCC rules were adopted one year ago through the standard process of interaction, connection, and since the spectrum auction for wireless providers more than $ 2 billion.

NOAA / NASA is a chance to win a debate between their translation problems, including the State Department, and they are lost. Not according to a discontent federal agency to start a public relations war to reject the US bases.

NOAA / NASA claims out-of-band pollution (OOBE) FCC limits to 24 Kg bands will cause harmful interference to weather data collection via satellite by NOAA, a division of the Department of Commerce.

The potential for 5Goperations

on satellite bands 24 Kg affecting global weather makes this an important international issue on the agenda to negotiate international agreements at the World Radio Conference of the ITU (WRC) in the fall.

To make regular and uniform steps and procedures, the State Department has the final authority to approve and announce the United States of the present position of negotiation of international agreements.

And about 24 GHz, the State has sent a FCC cancellation limit outside of the US. the position of the initial consultation (ie, in the Inter-American Commission of Coffee, which includes all 35 of its US states).

PR campaign NOAA / NASA violates the role of the State Department in a uniform state of agreement and overturns the legitimacy of the current situation discussed in preparation for the WRC. This is not accepted, especially when the campaign is based on broken analysis.

interaction, studying the NOAA / NASA basics has not been released to the public, can be caused by a dispute between agencies regarding inputs suitable for voice models.

Dr. Neil Jacobs, assistant trade secretary for the Observation and Prediction Environment, recently witnessed before the Congress that “experts in the FCC field, NASA, [and] NOAA will return and forth, still reason input parameters” model. Thus, the statement concerning the potential OOBE FCC limit is based on input parameters recommended by NOAA / NASA.

To the extent that information exists, NOAA / NASA inputs are unrealistic and, in some situations, not logic. For example:

which is impossible in the 5G network for use.

considers the 5G signal power level to be at a frequency of legitimate advantages for the amount used by the NOAA weather satellites although the separation of 250 MHz between the two sets of quantities. This is not possible. 5G weaken the signal (ie the power level will decrease) because of the distance from the edge of the band added.
NOAA / NASA assumes interference from co-channel services even though the FCC only allows 5G networks for each channel.These small inputs and notices are designed to exaggerate the 5G potential release received by NOAA weather satellites.

It can not be considered

bias is completely abnormal, but can not be explained to Federal agencies when the stock spectrum. FCC Assignment 24 24 The spectrum for 5G has a long run beyond the potential for harmful interference to the NOAA satellite system.

When there is a wide range of new commercial systems in the band, it affects the potential for future Federal use of the band as well as at the adjacent frequency (eg 250 MHz to 24 GHz current frequency separately allocated for 5G and NOAA satellites).

And in this case, a sudden withdrawal from David Redl, assistant secretary who heads the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA), has left the vacuum power in the Department of Commerce on the spectrum of Federal issues.


Microsoft Reportedly Scrapping to get new genration x box


One aspect of Microsoft’s last-minute announcement was Phil Spencer talking about the future console, plural, not just one. Both projects are labeled as Lockhart and Anaconda, with the latest being Scarlett Project, a system known by Microsoft at E3 this year.

Lockhart was supposed to be the lowest ranking, unit entry level and now … it looks like it’s dead.

Phil Spencer talks about console, single, and everywhere that Lockhart or another console is “cleaned up,” according to Paul Thurrott. Boys from E3 often note the idea that Microsoft is moving forward with Scarlett and Scarlett.

Spencer claimed that when he talked about console, plaque, before, he told the missing Xbox One that the current disc was coming out, but returned and saw comments, which was not possible, and they said that it now shuts off with wink and nodha.

Although not talking about it openly, it’s easy to find out about it.

Destroying two consoles, cheaper and less power-free and more expensive with horsepower, is a recipe for breaking and misleading Microsoft that can not be used after the Xbox One-Kinect tone.

It seems clear that many players will be involved with a cheaper option, which should find someone with a system power of the Sony PS5, once again composing the narrative narrative of Sony in launching, although Scarlett has the same power. It’s like launching the original Xbox One and One X at the same time.

Although increasingly sophisticated throughout the generations, trying to draw iPhone with various models on the release may not be a good idea for console video games, and Microsoft is always looking at the current.


Chairman of Microsoft Xbox and vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer announces the new concert Xbox Project Scarlett at the Eid Game event before Los Angeles on June 9, 2019.

But some of these may be called development, as represented by Thurrott. When creating games, they are best suited to making games less challenging and sizeable, and vice versa.

So in this case, developers will design a game for the last system that is cheaper and then “enhance” for Scarlett, which may cause a less interesting title compared to Sony. Microsoft can not handle it. So make a powerful console that is one option, which eliminates the problem.

Microsoft also has a generation

xCloud puzzles, which will allow a great game on any device, becoming a finer concept of end system if Microsoft tells you to apply Scarlett’s title on your laptop or tablet soon.

It should not be a place for Lockhart, and it would just make things more difficult for devs and more refresh for users at launch. I do not know why people think the launch of the split console will be a good idea for the leader, but set the concepts ahead of time.

Microsoft will complete next year or provide more information about Scarlett including price and date releases and see real-time inside the box.

I ask that the plan to kill Lockhart could bring Scarlett’s money, if they allow it to be stated, $ 500 because there is a cheaper option at the table. But now, they have to tap a rate more than $ 400 again, preventing the Xbox One in 2013. We have to see.

The Year Virtual Reality is getting real


Yes, 2018 is a free year – a plant slower than 2017 – but a new report from Futuresource Consulting confirms the future of VR. Total VR markets around the world will print 98.4 million US dollars in 2023, producing a unit-based unit of 168m with a population penetration of about 2%. Growth is predicted throughout countries and countries, with China leading the way.

2019 has been a strong year for VR, providing a strong base for growth.

Oculus Quest, an independent Facebook headset, creates a lot of interest and momentum. The headset is released in May and is available at various stores a week after its release. VP of AR / VR Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, stated in the first two days of sales of Oculus Quest tools, there is a sales content worth $ 5 million.

Despite the lack of official statistics, some expect Facebook to sell more than 1 million units in 2019 – this will be great if it happens.

The transition from tethered to independent VR headsets is a paradigm shift in deep ecosystems. Now, we have a completely mobile platform that is good enough to make it easy to find.

It’s not just a self-catering category that makes good progress.

This month, Road to VR states that the VR headset that was connected to the moon in Steam has surpassed 1 million for the first time.

Ben Lang commented, “After stopping Steam changes, we can expect that in May 2019 the first month we downloaded to see more than 1 million monthly connected headphones on the platform. Years later, monthly headset Steam was up 80%. ”

In March, Sony announced it sold 4.2 million PlayStation VR (PSVR) gadgets. Earlier this month, Playstation led Jim Ryan told CNet, “The VR generation is now beyond our expectation, and if you go back and see – and this is the way I see – one of the 20 people who are making money and buying the PlayStation 4, and all games and similar hardware have also been earned with money and bought the PlayStation VR and all the games and equipment available.

“AR Insider commented,” Extracting from nearly 100 million PS4s sold, PSVR is approaching five million units in the market. ”

Main companies are still jumping into the VR. Nintendo entered the race with Labo: the VR kit for the Nintendo Switch on April 12. Low-tech VR, likes to play with all the family, and gives you VR compatibility with the most two titles Switch: Super Mario Odyssey and Legend Zelda: Wild Breath.

In March, she announced that the title of VR had been the best selling of over 1 million copies of the year – Sabe Saber. So, Superhot-like companies have announced that it has produced more revenue from their VR than non-VR titles – further proving opportunities for developers.


This success guarantees that VR is relevant and well-established. It’s real and she’s here to stay.

When I saw the future, and reaching 5G, I wanted to become a better VR. Some VR barriers to growth will be overcome. Low resilience, super-fast speed and stability of the connection that bring 5G will become a news report on the new VR. Experience will be more accessible, more reliable and better.