How Social Media On Tomorrow’s in this world

Buzz throughout the various social media trends, devices and applications are in flux continuously, but one thing we can expect in 2020 and beyond: Our social media experience through smartphones and developing devices will grow deeper.


Instead of experiencing social media content through devices that only view information, pictures or videos, you will end up with the content you use.

While mobile networks are fast today, imagine users will share speed and latency. And for businesses that are aiming for dramatic changes triggered by the next gen network, opportunities for social media are bigger.

Tyler Gates, who organizes immersive and interactive content studio Brightline Interactive, has made great experiences and simulations for 16 years. After working with some of the leading brands in the country, Gates has a new idea of ​​how a better network of networks and broadband networks will dominate play technology and drive what will happen.

“At the start of the 5G technology is the one that allows,” said Gates. “You’ll enable mobile and head-display devices for everything like VR, AR and MR [reality, added reality and mix]. You’ll let us find social media content or information represented differently.”

In evaluating today’s social media, Gates thinks that this content is as static and the experience is primarily through our mobile devices.

“Now social media is usually happening on a two-dimensional screen,” said Gates. “Sometimes using the Instagram or Facebook story, there is a recognition or incorporation of video content, but in many cases, social media is written by a written word.”

No Hands

Game changer, according to Gates, will be the way the interface is controlled. Aside from computing history, the fastest way to change the interface is some supervisors: video game controller, keyboard, mouse keyboard or smartphone, for example.

“Often the translation mechanism controls something that can be a visual experience,” explains Gates. “The difference now and now, like [Microsoft] HoloLens 2, you can just use your hands normally, so have to abolish the abstraction between you and the content you are experiencing.”

High speed and low latency 5G can make this experience, because we are less restricted by broadband. Instead of experiencing social media content through devices that only view information, pictures or videos, you will end up with the content you use.

“With complete data channels, we can find more data in more real forums and have more capacity and time,” says Gates. “Social media will increase.”

Put On Interactive On

The ability to create business by collaboration causes potential for engagement. But to win a great social media game, Gates advised the company to coordinate with cultural trends. “Now, people want to experience the contents of their personal capacity, they want to be wanted, and they want to run,” he said.

Take the Game of Thrones, for example. According to Gates, HBO-like companies want to watch the show fast as fans who do not watch back often refuse to discuss the show at the most important time. “At the end of the week, the episode will take place,” Gates said.

To say, he tells, just because the event is over, some of the experiences of the audience can extend beyond his life. And it’s a great deal for businesses’ to develop social media strategies: With interactive social content, products, services, or enterprise intellectual property can work in many ways.

There is an AR bandwidth experience for the hit series, but in the future, fans can also follow real-time storylines, record experiences, along with friends or engage in someone else’s storyline.

A Level Playing Field

Imagine the possibilities for social media engagement when a company can integrate the interactive technology that appears in the message. Better, for organizations of all sizes, expensive equipment is not required.

“At Brightline, we have a high-vision computer camera system, and even build some of our own devices,” says Gates. “But you can get film content

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