Dyson Pure Hot new technology

School out and temperature up. In the summer it is in all the glory of smoke to make you long for days when you do not have to stand in front of a fan just for life.

But if you want to get married with your personal cooling device during the summer, it might be good, right? Maybe someone who is more than just moving the air, but also makes the air better for the breath?

Maybe not need to be wrapped in late summer?

Dyson sends HP04 Pure Hot + Cool Cool Pure Pure to me BP01 to test. Which one is better to keep you cool? Read on.

The latest air purifier / Dyson air fan is a technique shock. From the box, it looks like no previous fan (also, unless you already have another Dyson device). Top tip is a thin “Water Multiplier” and is largely dominated by a huge HEPA filter that blows 99.7% of the ultrafine particles out of the air.

If you want, you can tie it, take control of the remote magnet from the top of the unit and carry it with it. Remote provides access to all the basic functions of Pure Hot + Cool and one ton.

You can increase or decrease the heating temperature, switch on cooling, control the speed of the fan, change the airflow, enable the swing, or have the Auto mode or Night mode.

In warming mode, you can set the target temperature for the device to warm the room and remove the air from the back of the unit to accidentally put you in direct flow. You can not do anything suitable for cooling (making sense, no onboard mechanisms to cool down).

But it connects Hot + Cool to Dyson app and it all becomes more interesting. There you can see real-time and historic air temperature, humidity, and quality, as well as create tables for your device (so you do not have to be ill-feeling every night).

My favorite tip is to maintain a car wash every day, but in Auto mode to control air quality and only become a fan when it detects air pollution above the preset level. If you do not feel like opening an app, you can see whether the unit uses a convenient LCD that clearly states the air quality.


A useful application that lets you control your device and monitor air quality. ANTHONY KARCZ
See the spike in the chart above? It was one day when I decided to clean the house.

Hot + Cool instantly produces an inexhaustible chemical in the air and can then work, clean the air in the bedroom until it returns to normal. This will be my savior during the oak season.

Even at full levels, Pure Hot + Cool is cool enough, but for sensitive fans, you can set the Night mode, where fans will not count on a certain level to reduce interruptions. If you have a large room to warm or swim, the syrup remote plays 350 degrees to cover every inch. You can set a small cage in the application or with the remote control.

Only problem with Pure Hot + Cool is size. This means staying permanent in any room. It’s quite strange to move that I like to keep them in one place if needed in another place.

However, if you have space in mind that can withstand some extra cleaning or temperature control (like a kitchen, maybe), $ 649 Pure Hot + Cool can be an air quality solution throughout the year.

With the ability to move the air around the room, almost 360 degrees, and the ability to heat and cool, Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is the only device you need to keep yourself comfortable throughout the year.

Dyson Pure Cool 

But not everyone needs air blowing dust. Sometimes you need to be a fan that will safely control the amount of air that is directly exposed to the face. For them, Dyson Pure Cool Me is the perfect desktop solution.

Unlike Dyson Cool Me desktop fans, Pure Cool

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