All about self driving cars

Look at the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a autonomous drone. Not only is the autonomy drone, but it brings new foods and some good cooking.

So, looking down the road on the highway, whether the locomotive is fast, no, it is a self-guided car that will become a base for an unmanned drone without a quick guide.

I have already told you the approach tested by some companies that started a fast food fast-food business or home business.

This idea is the food of a restaurant that provides the fare, then put it into an autonomous weapon, a fast flying drone to the autonomy of a car away from home or business, landed in autonomous car, and autonomous car then completed shipping with drive to your door.

Now, Uber earns the announcement for a preliminary trial in San Diego, California, taking steps for the baby to the fullest of these approaches, and this summer will expand their efforts with an early partner, McDonald’s restaurant. You can also say that Uber Eats and Uber Elevate go before us into space, with almost every other food delivery desired.

From a conventional way of using your local food McDonalds and applying it to you, the purpose is to have an autonomic hearing to be a pick-up and to quickly get enough food close to you, leaving the last remote location for unmanned car to handle the shipment .

According to preliminary observations

Uber said that the use of the drone would be 21 minutes for all the baseline-based foundation that spans 1.5 miles to reverse to approximately 7 minutes, thereby shaving two-thirds of the time.

Hopefully, you’ll be happier to get the food you gave to your early ear, plus the food that is now considered more decent in a good buffet and juices.

Let’s unravel some of the key elements of this autonomous couple, namely the cooperation that is used and coordinated with autonomous aircraft with autonomous cars.

Why Using High-Tech As Instant Delivery Instantly

First of all, I’m sure some of you often use addiction technology technology in addition to technology without drivers without technology to lean over Mac to the door. Of all the important things that must be done on the planet and for us, can it be quicker to fast food as the basis for using the most advanced technology possible?

Therefore, industrial delivery food would be estimated at $ 76 billion by 2022, I think you can say yes, yes, again, for making rich capital benefits to exploiting any technology that you can search or order to partake in of the massive shipping money it brings to spend.

Of course, delivery of goods does not need to be fast food.

You can use the same rules for delivering medicines to people who are in need, such as the Zipline company of similar venture in Rwanda. The burden may include blood that is very needed or may have a vaccine that is used to fight spreading diseases.

Depending on the size of the drone used for delivery, the same way can be used to send packets and packages. There are many reports of experiments conducted by UPS, USPS, Amazon, and many other logistics and transportation companies over the future that have an overhead drone to get the item from point A to point B.

Overall, I’m good at pursuing a flight and a search approach to delivery and then you can choose what kind of items to send.

On the other hand, remit whatever you can at first, give you the opportunity to complete the technique and approach, the last when your imported kinks can be used for a variety of purposes. Fast food producers provide additional food, they will repay money as a delivery mechanism and will provide

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